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Unfortunately, in today’s real estate market, there are still many realtors® who do not see the full value of providing their clients with a set of floor plans. Accurate real estate measurements are perhaps still one of the best kept real estate secrets-buyers love floor plans and floor plans help sell properties. Here are 3 reasons as to why floor plans are an important and effective part of any real estate sale.

Provides a Complete Visual

Accurate floor plans paint an overall picture of your home and if combined with real estate photos and a brief video, you will attract a multitude of interested buyers. Floor plans are important because they fill in any missing information a potential buyer may have about the house. In addition, floor plans give the buyer all of the hidden details that your photos or video does not provide. Floor plans answer questions such as:

  • How many windows does the upstairs of the prospective house have and which way do they face?
  • How much storage space is available and what is the layout of that space?
  • Which direction is the space oriented? – eg. south facing vs. north facing.

Accurate floor plans can also provide that much needed piece of mind for out-of-town property buyers who do not have the time to come and inspect the property.

Allows Future Planning

Floor plans can also help any prospective buyer visualize their belongings in your home’s space. Accurate floor plans provide dimensions and measurements of all the rooms in a home. These measurements can quickly allow any potential buyer to see how their furniture will fit in the newly visualized space and allow for an emotional attachment to the potential property.


As a real estate agent, it is so important that you get a prospective buyer to fall in love with the property. Floor plans will greatly assist you in this part of your job.

Makes Your Home Memorable

How many times as a realtor have you heard the question “which one was it again?” Most buyers inspect a multitude of properties in a day and many of these properties begin to blend.

Here’s the Deal:

As a realtor, you have to make each property memorable. Again, an accurate floor plan can help you with this task.
A floor plan in an added feature that will set your property apart from all of the other ones. It will help buyers remember the overall layout of the home and make it that much more personal.

If you do not use floor plans as part of your digital marketing, now is the time to start. Accurate floor plans are a great addition to any successful real estate sale and a great way to attract more potential buyers. We offer a wide range of floor plan choices and can tailor our floor plans to match your needs. Please contact us today and see how we can bring your real estate marketing to the next level.

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