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Realtors, have you heard the news? Calgary’s real estate market is recovering! You’ve been working hard during the downturn to keep those properties moving. Now that things are on the upswing, it’s time to take a good look at your toolbox and ensure you have everything you need to keep you brand and sales strong.

What is a value-add?

Value-adding is taking a product or service and enhancing it, so it provides more than its original purpose at a fair and affordable price. For Realtors, this means exceeding client’s expectations. Every Realtor can do the basics – evaluate a home, list a home, show a home. When you use Urban Measure’s tools to add value to those basics, the result is a faster home sale and happy clients that recommend you to their contacts.


In fact, many of our clients have it written right into their contracts that they will use us for measurement and photography services – that’s a value add.

What tools does Urban Measure have to add value to my brand?

As a tech-focused support for the real estate industry, we have a variety of services designed to make your brand stand out.


RMS Measurements

One of the most important tools for Realtors is our RMS Measurement service. The residential measurement standard (RMS) is a unilateral standardization regulated by the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA), and Urban Measure was a contributor of industry related knowledge for its creation. RMS determines what can and cannot be included in the measured area, allowing for fair comparisons among properties on the MLS. RMS is also important for calculating property tax, installing appliances, renovations, and floor plans. Failure to use RMS results in inaccurate measurements, and disciplinary action from RECA. Not only is Urban Measure the most experienced in the field of residential measurements, they also provide the fastest turnaround time in the industry (same day for orders completed before 4 pm). That means you are not waiting on our schematic drawing to list on the MLS.


Twilight and Blue Sky Photography

There is no doubt that homes must always be shown in the best light. We take that very literally. Rather than waiting around for twilight or hoping for a bright and sunny day, our digital photography experts can edit photos showing the exterior of the home (and where applicable, light through interior windows) in natural light. Blue sky and twilight photography greatly enhance the appeal of the photos. When clients are scrolling through listings, they are much more likely to be drawn to these attractive photos.

blue sky

Virtual Staging

Some of your properties are turnkey. Others are full of potential. For the latter, you can easily show your clients how the home can be customized to their needs thanks to virtual staging. Using digital imaging, we show how rooms in the home look when renovated, painted and furnished. Your clients see how an investment into the property can yield dividends, and your out of town clients can start vetting properties before flying in for a closer look.

a room with virtual staging

Drone Photography

We’re flying high with one of our most popular services – drone photography. Again, we cannot stress the importance of making your listings stand out, and few ways to do this are more powerful than a birds-eye view of the home and its surrounding neighbourhood. Our qualified drone pilots follow the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR) Part IX (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) regulations (no, you cannot have your child fly their toy drone above your home with a camera strapped on it. Certified pilots are required for safety reasons). Arial real estate photography has always been popular, but with drones, the process is faster and safer than ever.


3D Media

Imagine walking your clients through a listing without them leaving their home. This is not future technology; this is today’s reality! Our 3D Media creates a virtual simulation that you and your clients can “walk through” online. That means they can stand in the kitchen to ensure it has enough cupboard space. They can walk up the stairs and let the kids pick out their own bedrooms. They can do all of this without stepping foot in the home. 3D virtual tours are the ultimate time and money saver, allowing you to show clients several homes inside and out without spending the day driving from location to location. If your potential buyers are from out of town, or your property is remote, 3D walkthroughs allow you to bring the property to them.


Urban Measure’s services add the value you need to be competitive

We have more than 15 years of experience in helping Realtors add value to their brand. Our services are designed with one goal in mind – to make your listings stand out. Contact us today to learn more.

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