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You can’t have new and progressive ideas while clinging to old technology, which is why the Realtors, property managers, and landlords that rely on Urban Measure love the digital tools we use to boost their brands. We are committed to providing an outstanding experience for every client by being experts in the digital tools real estate investors need. Here are just a few of the ways our technology drives your results.

Drone Photography

Forget hiring a plane, waiting for good weather, and annoying the neighbourhood with low flying aircraft. As certified drone pilots, we quickly and safely take aerial photos that show the condition of the property’s roof and landscaping, the layout of the surrounding neighbourhood and a birds-eye view of the community. We follow the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR) Part IX (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) regulations; most people don’t realize you can’t just send up a drone to take real estate aerials – you need to be licenced. Our drone photography makes your listings stand out and get noticed by buyers.

The Best Photos on the Market

Think the only way to get twilight or blue sky photos is to wait until dusk or mid-day? Why tie up your time like that when all you have to do is have us edit blue skies or twilight into existing photos? The MLS is full of photos from professional and amateurs alike, and while some of those photos are pretty good, home buyers gravitate to towards sunny skies and romantic sunsets. The combination of our expert photographers and digital blue skies/sunsets is always a winning combination.

But that’s not all we can do with your photos. Our digital experts also provide virtual staging, which shows properties at their full potential. Not every seller has the time or money to provide upgrades and updates – our virtual staging shows buyers how the rooms could look with some time and investment on their part. Virtual staging is a must-have process for anyone selling income/flipping properties, or any Realtor selling vacant homes.

RMS Measurements

The Residential Measurement Standard (RMS) must be followed by all Realtors in the province. RMS is regulated by the Real Estate Council of Alberta, and failure to use RMS when selling or renovating a property can result in disciplinary action. For years Urban Measure has been providing real estate professionals with some of the fastest turnarounds on the most accurate RMS measurements in the business. We are known for our commitment to helping you uphold the principles of RMS and providing everyone involved in selling and buying properties correct measurements that can be relied on.

Phones and Emails (that we Actually Check)

What? Everyone has a cell phone and an email service, right? Why should that make a difference for you? At Urban Measure we understand that real estate is never a 9-5 job. Buyers may need to see a listing late at night, a contractor may need early access to a site – as a Realtor, investor, or property manager, you are on call 24/7. You need your supporting vendors to be accessible to, and we are.


The ability to check our phones and emails while on the go is what makes us very responsive to your needs. Whether you are waiting on photos for your listing, need a rush on a service to impress a potential buyer, or need us to get to site within a short time frame, you’ll have no trouble reaching us to discuss your request.

3D Matterport

3D Matterport imaging creates fluid 3D photos that viewers can move around in and explore. It’s a must-have for any progressive Realtor as it allows their clients to “walk around” a space before they visit the physical location. Urban Measure provides three levels of 3D Matterport service (express, standard, premium) so you have access to a tool that has been a game changer for many Realtors.

Go with the Service Provider that Embraces Technology

The world continues to change, and businesses must evolve with it to stay relevant. Here at Urban Measure, we have fully embraced the technology takes your real estate service from good to great. We commit to always looking for the best digital tools for our clients, so you can remain competitive and ahead in your field.

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