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Perhaps a million is an overstatement but our point is, realtors, landlords, homeowners, and property developers have many options when looking for a home measurement company – and we are not the cheapest. So, why choose us? Well, here are some great reasons why we are the home measurement company of choice for hundreds of clients in Alberta.

We provide accurate RMS measurements

Any company can show up with a 3D scanner or tape measure and give you some numbers, but when you are dealing with liability, accuracy matters. Much like you would not hire an electrician to do your plumbing, why would you hire a photographer to do your measurements?  For 15 years we have been crafting our processes and skills to make sure that we provide the most accurate measurements possible. Every measurement goes through 4 different checks by 3 experienced team members before it gets to you. On top of that, we provide them back the SAME DAY! We are in the business of providing peace of mind, so if you think there is something wrong with your totals, we will come back and check it for you free of charge. We stay up to date by being as involved with the industry regulators as possible. So you know that we have the most current information regarding any changes or decisions.

Team members with the right skills

All of our measurement technicians hold certificates and diplomas in drafting, design, and building services. Already equipped with the skills they have developed in school or within the industry, and we continue to build on that. Each technician is put through a minimum of 3 months worth of training on measurements alone before they are allowed to be out in the field measuring your homes. Our technician’s measure, our photographers take photos,  our admin do admin work, and our designer’s design….. pretty simple, they do only what they are the best at.

Skilled Urban Measure Worker

Complementing Services

If you are looking for RMS measurements, you will also be in the market for floor plans, real estate photography, and Matterport 3D scanning. Not only do we provide these services (and more), we build relationships with our clients. Those relationships, for example, enable us to check in with Realtors to see if they need new exterior spring shots for a property they listed in the winter. Realtors, developers and landlords are busy people; having the photography and measurement services they need from a reliable one-stop supplier saves time and money.

Urban Measure Blue Sky Guarantee

The Latest Technology

Real estate is a very competitive field and we have the latest technology to make our client’s properties stand out. In addition to crystal clear high definition photos, precise RMS measurements, and the latest in Matterport 3D technology, we can touch up photos to ensure potential buyers always see a blue sky, or use our drones to capture shots of the entire neighbourhood. Unlike less established home measurement companies, our technology gives our clients an advantage over their competition.


You simply cannot beat the value of experience. We are a home measurement company with more than 15 years of industry-leading experience. We entered the market when home measurement technology was growing, and we grew right along with it. At every step of the way, we embraced new technology and techniques in the market so we could remain a leader in home measurements, 3D scanning, traditional and aerial photography. We have learned many valuable things in our journey, and we use our knowledge to give you an outstanding experience with us.

Multiple Industries

Our specialty is “measurements.” Our clients don’t need one home measurement company for residential, then another for commercial, and yet another for income properties. We do it all. Just some of the many professionals that rely on our high-quality work include Realtors, home builders, developers, private sellers, renovation companies, property managers, interior designers, hospitality managers, and municipal agents.

Well Designed Public Room

We Value Your Time

Our clients are our number 1 focus. Booking with us is easy. Simply fill out our online form or give us a call. We are prompt to appointments, set up and take down quickly, and work efficiently. Your time is valuable and we understand that. Let us focus on giving you the best possible service so you can do the same for your clients.


With nearly 20 people on our team, we have an expert ready for you where and when you need one. Sometimes your deadlines require a fast turnaround and our experienced team has the ability to make that happen. Urban Measure is not just a couple of people running from appointment to appointment and working out of a basement office. We are an established company that still values each individual client much like a startup would.

Giving Back

A company’s commitment to its community says a lot about who they are and what they value. As a home measure company, giving back is a very large component of who we are and what we do. Our charitable contributions include giving back to:  BC Cancer Foundation, Calgary Cerebral Palsy Association, CREB Charitable Foundation, Women 2 Warriors, and many more.

Virtual Staging

Hauling real furniture in and out of a room is time-consuming and expensive. One of our services is virtual staging. We take photos of an empty room and give it a virtual makeover. Without careful scrutiny, it is very difficult to tell that the furniture and improvements are digital! This gives you and/or your clients a much better idea of how the room will look when it is furnished or renovated. Don’t like where an item is placed or need something to be a different colour? No problem! We can make the change easily, giving you the exact visual you need.

Virtual Staging Before

 Virtual Staging After

Your One-Stop Shop

If you are in southern Alberta and in the real estate or interior design business, call us. We are the one-stop-shop for all your RMS measurements, photography, scanning, and staging needs. Our complete suite of services provided by an established, experienced company gives you the results you need, and fast. Contact us today to learn more.

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