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Most Extravagant Residential Floor Plans in Canada


Accurately measured, comprehensive, and customized floor plans are a big part of what the Urban Measure team offers. Every floor plan created is an opportunity for an outstanding resource that will draw attention to the property as a whole and catch the eye of prospective buyers. It is these detailed images that are a prime marketing solution for real estate home listings, renovation quotes, pre-build proposals, and much more. Urban measure offers floor plans in standard, premium, and custom formats – each with their own benefits. Are you ready to see the best residential floor plans that Urban Measure has had the pleasure of creating? Take a look at these most extravagant residential floor plans in Canada that have taken real estate marketing to an entirely new level!


Foothills, Alberta – Standard Floor Plans

Foothills - Standard Floor Plans

Foothills - Floor Plans Exterior     Foothills - Floor Plans Interior

When it comes to even the most elaborate of floor plans, not a detail is missed. Every tree, bush, broom closet, staircase, swimming pool, and firepit is mapped, measured, and displayed. All standard designs done by Urban Measure include insured RMS measurements (labeled on the floor plan) that meet RMS standards. This particular breath-taking dream home located in the Foothills of Alberta was truly a joy to measure, photograph, and draw up!


Edmonton, Alberta – Premium Floor Plans

Edmonton- Premium Floor Plans

Regardless of what floor plan format you select, all of Urban Measure’s diagrams include precise replications that will properly showcase every detail of the property – even the vehicles parked out front! As seen here in this Edmonton residential home, parking spaces, additional levels of the home, and even the number of seats around the table are portrayed with appealing and clear details (and colours).


Okotoks, Alberta – Standard Floor Plans

Okotoks - Standard Floor Plan

What makes this Okotoks home extravagant is not only the sheer size of the building but the thought-out style and layout of each of the spaces. You can see the spiral staircase just beyond the foyer which descends to the lower level. It is here where there is not one, but three walk-out patios as well as a billiards room, recreational space, and exercise room – What a dream!


Calgary, Alberta – Standard Floor Plan

Calgary - Standard Floor Plans Multiple

Many homes will have multiple levels. Often in multi-family homes, buildings, or tall suburban residential properties, there will be more than one floor. When you hire Urban Measure, we take the time to measure every room on every level and portray them in a finalized copy that is easy to understand. Side by side, you are now able to view the entirety of the house.


Cochrane, Alberta – Premium Floor Plans

Cochrane - Custom Floor Plans

For those who desire to truly show off the style and unique layout of their home (such as this elongated Cochrane property), we suggest the premium and custom floor plans. It is these that offer an the complete vision of a home – from cabinetry coloring to countertop materials.


Edmonton, Alberta – Taupe Standard Floor Plans

Edmonton - Taupe Standard Floor Plans

Standard floor plans are a simple yet effective marketing solution for realtors, home builders, renovators, private sellers, property managers, hospitality, and home developers. Depending on the preference of each real estate professional, standard floor plans are available in varied colours – specifically, black and white, taupe (as seen above), or colourized.


Calgary, Alberta – Standard Floor Plans

Calgary - Standard Floor Plans ArchitectureCalgary - Standard Floor Plans Architecture2

In addition to the layout and sizing of each home, floor plans can showcase architectural qualities and professional landscaping – depicted on this bungalow floor plan from Calgary (image on left). We ensure that these features are presented in detail (via rocks, boundary lines, trees, bodies of water, etc.) to properly share the home’s selling characteristics.


Multiple Floor Plans

Multiple Floor Plans - Premium Floor Plan
        Multiple Floor Plans - Standard

Colour can make a big difference! As seen in the residential floor plan images above, adding colours and textures to a design can drastically enhance a standard blueprint-styled floor plan and convert it into premium artwork that excites and draws in buyers. We’ve even been asked for prints to display in home offices!


Houzz – Premium Floor Plans

Houzz - Custom Floor Plans

Whether a home is detached or exists within a multi-level building, through the use of accurate measurements, it is possible to capture and demonstrate the style and layout of these spaces. Landlords, property owners, and private sellers will benefit by giving potential buyers a thorough idea of how the home is arranged – something that is not always understood through real estate photos.





Small, large, extravagant, or simple – whatever the home, floor plans are a wonderful resource for anyone in the real estate industry looking to improve or market a home. Do you require reliable measurements and detailed diagrams for your property? Contact Urban Measure to book an appointment and look forward to having the documents you need for a positive real estate experience.

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