How 3D Virtual Staging Will Help You Sell Your Home Image


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How 3D Virtual Staging Will Help You Sell Your Home

Virtual reality, aerial photography and video, 360-degree cameras – these are only a few of the technological advancements that have improved the housing industry. Real estate professionals have been able to use these incredible new tools to their advantage when showing and selling homes. The end goal for those in the industry is to display a house in a way that shows off the entirety of the home’s selling features to a wider audience (digitally), while maintaining simplicity and reducing cost.

And we’ve taken this even further. This heavy-duty digital tool has been added to the Urban Measure service list to beef up the leading showcase repertoire of top real estate agents’, and save their client’s thousands of dollars. Introducing, 3D virtual staging – the latest method of showcasing vacant homes.


What is 3D Virtual Staging?

3D virtual staging allows real estate professionals to decorate and fill a vacant property without ever moving a muscle (or spending thousands on staging). It starts by using photos that are taken of empty properties, which are then transformed into lived-in stunning spaces. Virtual staging pays particular attention to the layout and size of each room. Once all of the photos and measurements are collected, stylish pieces of furniture, cabinetry, accessories, and other home décor items are added digitally into the space. Not only does this technology give you the chance to show off a home with stunning custom inclusions, it will also save you money and help you sell a home faster!


Customizable Images

Customizable Images - 3D Virutal Staging

Home stagers are often limited to the inventory they have in their warehouses to make a room visually appealing and filled-out. They can add couches, television, tables, chairs, etc., but are unable to add more permanent fixtures like built-ins, islands, and other pieces a buyer may want to see in a space. This is not the case with 3D virtual staging. Virtual staging allows you to ‘stage’ a home with any design, brand, or functional piece of furniture a space needs – no stock needed. The team at Urban Measure can create items that are specifically tailored for each room that are both tasteful and marketable.


Not Your Average 3D Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is still relatively new to the real estate market, so it is important to find a company that offers this service with high quality images. Virtual staging can be done poorly if the area and measurements are not extremely specific, resulting in sofas appearing gigantic and coffee tables looking strangely small. Urban Measure is in the measuring business, so we know that each 3D virtually staged image should be to measure. That means when photos are digitally altered, we resource available blueprints and floor plans to identify the exact dimensions of the home. With this information we can guarantee that each household item added will flow seamlessly with the space. When it is done right, you will have a hard time determining whether the image has digital or physical home staging.

                 Before - 3D Virtual Staging After - 3D Virtual Staging


Increase Listing Viewings

Having an empty space has it’s pros and cons. While the vacant property is not cluttered with personalized items and other such ‘fillers,’ people may also struggle truly visualize themselves (and furniture) in the space. Left alone, images of empty rooms can be difficult to market. Bare rooms might seem to be no bigger than a small office, when in reality, it can fit a king-sized bed. Virtual staging helps to truly showcase a space with common pieces such as queen beds, large sofas, area rugs, etc. that the buyer likely has of their own. With 3D virtual staging, homes become beautifully customized show-homes that buyers will be itching to get see in person!


How it Saves You Money

Thousands of dollars are invested into hiring a professional home stager, paying for furniture rentals, scheduling times for set ups, photo shoots, and tear downs, and even buffing out wall and floor marks from the move. 3D virtual staging is a fast and affordable service that increases buyer interest by giving them more information about the size and potential of a home, while saving the agent and seller high staging costs.



When selling a vacant home, why not add 3D virtually staged images to your listing to increase views and interest? Our photos or yours, Urban Measure offers a 2-day turnaround to ensure that you get the images you need to inspire interest while saving money. Contact us for more information and get ready to sell your home faster!

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