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The great thing about living in Alberta is the volume of opportunities for hardworking men and women. This is very evident in the real estate market. Not only are people actively looking for fixer uppers that they can truly make their own, there are many renovation companies that are happy to convert project homes to income properties on behalf of their clients. Urban Measure has services specifically for renovators, be they professional full time contractors, DIY enthusiasts, income property managers, or homeowners. Here we will take a closer look at how renovators leverage these services to save time and money, and to create a better end product.


RMS Measurements

Residential Measurement Standard, or RMS, is a measuring standard governed and enforced by the Real Estate Council of Alberta. RMS sets the guidelines for what can and cannot be included in the measured area. This gives all the contractors on a renovation project an identical set of measurements to work with. It also gives the property owner legal and accepted measurements if the property will be sold, rented or leased.


Urban Measure provides express, standard, conversion, and BOMA RMS measurements.

Living Room

Floor Plans

A set of floor plans is needed by most contractors on a renovation project. Inaccurate, outdated, or poorly drawn floor plans lead to serious building, wiring, and plumbing mistakes. Take the time to have a new set of floor plans drawn up before your renovation project begins.


When you order our standard floor plans, you can upgrade to our renovation floor plan service for an extra .10 cents per foot. Our renovation floor plans are guaranteed to pass city permit approvals. The highly detailed plans include walls, cabinets, appliances, HVAC locations, plumbing, support structures, windows and doors.


Virtual Staging

As a homeowner or property manager, it can be difficult for you or your clients to envision how the finished product will look. Urban Measure’s virtual staging can easily show a space’s potential. With input from homeowners or clients, specific colours, sizes and arrangements of furniture, and/or other room attributes can be used in the process (extra fees may apply). Once you or your clients see what the finished product can be, and how budget choices impact that product, everyone has an easier time making decisions on how to move forward with the renovation.


Matterport 3D

A 3D visual representation of the space that can be “walked through” online is an incredible tool during and after a renovation. The 3D experience allows contractors to get a feel of the space before coming to site (saving you travel fees and other expenses). On a finished space for an income property, a 3D experience allows potential renters or buyers to see the space from the comfort of their home, leaving you with just truly interested renters/buyers booking showings. It is also worth noting that 3D helps to sell homes faster, as it makes your listing stand out from your competition.


Drone Photography

Another powerful tool for income property managers is drone photography. The ability to show renters and buyers the home from a birds-eye view means they can easily see the neighborhood, the amenities, and how their new home fits into the community.


Aerial photography has always been an important part of competitive real estate. Today’s drones are a safer, more affordable way for smart property managers to capitalize on a tool that helps their listings stand out.


Urban Measure follows all of the Canadian Aviation Regulations in the areas where it is permissible to use drones.


Investors are not the only ones that can benefit from drone photography. Homeowners that have undertaken their own renovations also enjoy a photo for the den or main hall that shows their home and the surrounding neighbourhood. It’s a nice, updated way to enjoy the type of wood framed photo that hung in their own parents’ or grandparents’ home, and it’s a nice reminder that one has found a place in this world to truly call home.

Drone view of home

Contact Urban Measure for These and Other Services

Urban Measure is the solution for Albertans that need measurements and media for their renovation projects. Contact us today to learn more.

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