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You know what’s great about 2019? Technology. We are on the front lines of exciting changes with AI and ML. We couldn’t imagine life without our computers and smartphones. Everything can be connected from your interactive WiFi enabled picture frame to your fridge. However, you don’t need to be living in a smart home and storing your life on the cloud to take advantage of technology. Realtors and homeowners selling a property in the Calgary area have access to one of 2019’s game-changing tech innovations: drone technology.


Here are seven reasons why you should embrace drone technology for your 2019 listing.


1) You Need Drone Technology to be Competitive

Maclean’s calls Canada’s 2019 real estate market “stable but struggling.” The mortgage stress test, rising interest rates, and unfavourable economic conditions in several key markets are all contributors to sluggish home sales. Yet, people are buying. It’s not the heyday it was when interest rates were low, credit was plentiful, and almost anyone could jump into home ownership. Today, buyers feel like they have one shot at getting into the market, and they are going to make that shot count. The market is slow, but incredibly competitive. Drone photography makes your listing stand out. The buyer can see the property and the area around it with a birds-eye view, making them more likely to book a showing.


2) Cross Province Buying

Moving from one city or one province to another is daunting, and few people have the time or money to fly back and forth just to view properties. Drone photography lets your buyers see the home, the property and the neighbourhood. Schools and retail can be pinpointed in relation to the property as can walking trails and amenities.

drone photography of neighborhood

3) You Need Drone Technology for Transparency

There has been some controversy in the media about digital photo manipulation on listing photos – controversy we addressed head on in another blog. While enhanced photos have their place, aerial drone photos provide a transparent and literal “big picture” view. You don’t only see advantageous photos of the home, you see the area and the neighbourhood as is, where is.


4) Drone Technology has advantages over Aerial Plane Photography

Don’t get us wrong – aerial photography is great! But neighbourhood photos from planes were taking place before drones became popular and accessible. Drones fly lower and are more maneuverable, and this makes for sharper and more defined photos and videos from more angles.


5) Safety

Drone pilots are obligated to follow the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR) Part IX (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems). This means you cannot just ask your friend with a drone to scan the area. Failure to follow CAR regulations and failure to obtain the proper certification is a punishable offense. Urban Measure is certified to conduct drone photography and does so with safety in mind at all times.

drone photography

6) Drone Technology is Practical

Homes are not limited to the dwelling. The property usually grows to include fences and outbuildings. Even in the case of an urban dwelling, fences, a garden shed, a deck, or a patio are often added. Drone photos let potential buyers see how the whole property can be developed over time – and when they can imagine relaxing with friends on a patio surrounded by a privacy fence and with a lovely little sunroom coming off the deck, they are more likely to buy.


7) Let’s Face it – Drone Tech is Just Really Cool!

In addition to the many great reasons above to embrace drone technology for your 2019 listing, we have to admit, it’s just really cool. It’s a flying robot. It takes photos. To our grandparents, this was the stuff of science fiction. To us, it’s an affordable reality that can help you sell your home.

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