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The Different Kinds of Real Estate Photography You Need to Sell Your House

When buyers are browsing for a new home, they want to see photos of the space that tells them how each room flows and exactly what the property has to offer them. It is only through these visual aids that potential buyers can truly get a sense of the home’s layout and design, and envisioning themselves in it. Of course, real estate photography is best done by a professional, someone who has the skillset and equipment to capture a space with proper lighting, angles, positioning, etc. It is proven that high-quality property photos result in more online views, inspired interest, and increased likelihood of selling quicker. What many do not realize is that there are more multiple types of real estate photography for different needs!


Take a look at a few of the more popular home photography services that that will justify the value of your home and hasten the sale.


HDR Photography – Express, Standard, and Premium

Real estate photography is about more than owning a DSLR. In order to properly showcase a home and accurately display the colours, depth, and lighting of a space, a professional must be hired (if you are serious about selling). These professional photographers have the skills to create stunning images of the interior and exterior of your home for your online listing that will show your home it it’s very best light.

HDR - Real Estate Photography

HDR Photography by Urban Measure is available in a few different formats:

  • Express HDR Photography offers you unlimited photos of the key features of your home with minimal editing – available for same day turnaround.
  • Standard HDR Photography gives you unlimited photos of the key features of your home with standard post-editing techniques to offer magazine quality photos.
  • Premium HDR Photography offers 25 stunning magazine quality photos, extensive editing, image sharpening and more.


Twilight Photography 

Twilight - Real Estate PhotographyTake your real estate photography to the next level with Urban Measure’s Twilight Photography services. This popular showcase will boost your property listing and draw eyes with photos of the home’s exterior that have been taken at twilight – one of the most beautiful times of day. By taking photos at twilight, your home will reflect the warm colours of the sunset while illuminating your windows with attractive blue and yellow interior tones. These images are highly appealing and used on (but not limited to) most high-end homes.


Exterior/Spring Clean-up Photography

Exterior - Real Estate PhotographyWhen re-listing or selling your home, sharing images of the exterior is crucial to capture curb appeal. Depending on the season of the sale you may end up with a dreary wintery landscape with no representation of your landscaping. Updating your outdoor photos in the spring or summer can help your home appear more desirable. But even winter shots can be magical – it just takes a professional eye and a little fair. That is why Urban Measure offers exterior real estate photography to ensure that 1st photo is current and sells it. This real estate photography option will give you roughly 7-10 photos with a starting price of only $80.


Drone Photography

Drone - Real Estate PhotographyAnother method that can enhance your real estate listing is to share a bird’s eye view of the property. Urban Measure offers drone photography that will capture your home, the surrounding neighbourhood, property features, and everything else that will catch the eye of the buyer. Drone photography is especially important for those living in homes with large yards, unique outdoor architecture and landscaping, or stunning geographical views.



If you are struggling to sell your current property it may be as simple as the photos you are using for your listing. Competition is high and having professional and unique images will draw interest (clicks and showings) as well as increase the appeal and demand of your listing (bidding war anyone?). To book your real estate photography session with Urban Measure, fill out our online form to get started!

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