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Real Estate Services Guide by Industry

Whether you work in building, selling, or renovating a home, there is plenty to keep track of within the real estate industry. In order to truly succeed in any aspect of a sale or project, it is crucial to have access to various real estate services. Each of these services will help to capture, measure, enhance, and improve – making your work/life easier. It is for this reason that Urban Measure provides everything needed to get the most out of your money. Want to know what services are needed and applicable for your specialized industry? Take a look at the following real estate services guide (by industry) to see what you are missing in your housing involvements.



The real estate industry relies completely on visuals to sell and buy property. But to achieve these sales at higher payouts with less time on the market, it requires an opportunity for buyers to visualize themselves in a property and buy into every aspect of the home. Of course, every listing requires high-quality tell-all photography and videography, which allow buyers to observe the space and better understand the layout.


But interior photography and videography are not the only ways to show off a home – especially ones at higher price points. With bigger price tags it becomes necessary to realty emphasize the features of the current space through other unique services such as Matterport 3D (virtual online tours), 4K Aerial Media (showcasing the home and its grandeur surroundings), and custom/standard floor plans to help display the elaborate design of each home. Almost every service can be customized to your budget and timeline to guarantee that you have exactly what you need to achieve the sale.


Real estate services realtors can benefit from:
Realtors - Real Estate Services


Home Builders and Developers

Before beginning any home project, whether it be building from the ground up or redeveloping an existing space, certain documents will have to be in place. These documents can include blueprints, virtual imagery (pre-build images), but more importantly, accurate measurements. Urban Measure is known for extremely precise home measurements that meet RMS standards and are legalized by the province. Having these measurements will help to properly plan and prepare for every angle, corner, and customized area when building or developing, saving you huge money in costly mistakes.


When marketing and demonstrating your pre-build plans to clients, it is necessary to have visual resources that display each of your goals. Urban Measure offers a number of services with white labeled, premium level media solutions, as well as multi-unit packages to assist you in sharing your vision.


Real estate services home builders and developers can benefit from:


Private Sellers

The real estate market is a competitive one, and we understand and respect your decision to sell your home privately. Of course, you can accomplish everything you need to sell your home quickly with the right tools, advice, and real estate services. It is for this reason that Urban Measure offers complete media solutions to help you market your home in your own time. Whether you require photography, lot plans, videography, or virtual staging to help sell your home in Calgary, Edmonton, or Kelowna, Urban Measure is the one-stop-shop to ensure your home-selling experience is a positive one.


In addition to offering you essential real estate services, Urban Measure works closely with and understands the requirements for private home sales. Therefore, we realize that home measurements are one of the essential services that result in receiving true compensation for every inch of the home.


Real estate services private sellers can benefit from:


Homeowners and Renovation Contractors

For contractors or anyone who is taking the time to update, improve, or re-design their home, there are many things to be done to ensure quality, custom renovations. In order to complete these overhauls correctly, you will require access to thorough blueprints. In many instances, older homes blueprints may have become lost. It is in these situations that Urban Measure visits your home to gather precise measurements that will meet the RMS standards, and which can be then transformed into useable blueprints.


Once you have finished (or begun) your renovations, should you decide to sell the home, Urban Measure is there to complete your home photography and videography. These images and videos can be taken of both the interior and exterior of the property before, during, or after the renovations have been completed.


Real estate services homeowners and renovation contractors can benefit from:Homeowners and Renovation Contractors - Real Estate Services


Property Managers

Renting a home has become an online game – with the majority of the decisions being conducted before any rental properties are even visited in person. This means that it is important for every aspect of your home and property to be accessible online in a pleasing and attractive format. Property managers benefit through HDR photos and 4K video that capture the entire home/building and are presented in a way that will draw interest, especially in a tough rental market. Additionally, any changes to the property, building assessments, sales, etc. can be completed with confidence when each manager has access to furnished floor plans and RMS or BOMA measuring.


Real estate services property managers can benefit from:


Interior Designers

As an interior designer, creativity and planning are at the forefront of your every project. You need to offer clients the chance to share your vision, and the best way to do that is to have imagery and visual products to show them. Urban Measure can assist you in making your vision become reality with property blueprints, 3D Matterport online tours, and photo and video solutions. Once you have all of the resources at your disposal, you will be better equipped to execute each project confidently to the great pleasure of your client.

Real estate services interior designers can benefit from:Interior Designers - Real Estate Services



To succeed in the hospitality business, you need to make your location and every accommodation space look appealing, inviting, and eye-catching – think of every single room as a sale. When on vacation, visitors want to feel as though they are living in a place that is a home away from home, while it also feeling better than home. They want to know; “What do the accommodations look like?” “Will the rooms be large enough for the group?” “Does the building have extra luxury amenities?” All of these questions are easily answered with premium photography, room Matterport 3D tours, and furnished floor plans.


Almost every hospitality and accommodation booking is done online, and to truly share the charm of the rooms and space you offer, there needs to be access to proper resources that will answer all of your customer’s questions.


Real estate services hospitality can benefit from:



Regardless of the real estate industry you work in, real estate services stretch far beyond ‘room photography’ when it comes to elevating your own services. Contact Urban Measure for all of your real estate service needs and gain confidence and quality, all from the same place!

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