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“Ah, another beautiful grey, cloudy day,” said nobody in Alberta. With a long winter and a will-it-or-won’t-it snow spring, Albertans long for the beautiful, long, sunny days of summer. Blue skies inspire us to get outside and enjoy life. Blue skies lift our mood. Blue skies are motivational. That is why we offer a blue sky guarantee – because we know that your buyers are far more likely to be interested in listings that show a beautiful sky, not a cloudy one.


Our Twilight and Blue Sky Guarantee

The blue sky guarantee is a digital editing service we offer for both exterior and interior photos.

Reasons to use our blue sky service go beyond simply correcting photos that were taken in less-than-ideal weather conditions. Buyers need to see how a listing looks during current seasons; a listing that was photographed in the winter greatly benefits from a fresher blue sky look in the spring. More on seasonal photos below.

high rise condo with blue sky

Our blue sky service also frees up your time, and the photographer’s time. Realtors are busy and having to wait and reschedule listing photos because of weather delays is a hassle for you and your clients. With our blue sky service, you simple take the photos on time as planned, and let us handle the rest.

House in winter at twilight


An upgrade to our photography packages is twilight photos. Picture it now… the perfect angle showing the impressive residence and beautifully landscaped lawn, all captured in that magical moment of the evening before the sun goes down. Twilight is dreamy. Twilight photos in listings make buyers see their dream home.


Rear elevation at twilight

Spring Clean Up/Exterior Only Photos

Houses sell faster in the spring and summer. Rather than working up a whole new listing for a residence you photographed in the winter, Urban Measure can do 7-10 exterior shots to refresh your listing showing a yard, garden, and elevations without snow. This is a much more affordable option and puts you and your client ahead of competitors that leave snow covered listings on MLS. Also, out-of-season listings make it look like the property is stagnant in the market – which, again, hurts your chances of selling a house faster.


HDR Premium

While other Realtors are shooting MLS listing photos with their SLR cameras, you know how vital it is to have photos that really stand out. There are hundreds of thousands of photos at any given moment on MLS – your photos must be eye catching for your listings to get clicked. This is especially important during a slow season.


Our premium HDR photography service provides you with 25 magazine quality photos that can be used for print, websites, and on MLS. The premium package comes with our blue sky guarantee (interior and exterior), vertical and horizontal straightening, lawn enhancement/replacement, image sharpening and more. It’s all designed to make your listings stand out, and to move your properties faster.


RMS Measurements

As a Realtor, you know RMS measurements are a must for your listings. We are the #1 RMS measurement experts and have provided hundreds of clients with fast, accurate results.


We also have a blueprint-to-RMS conversion service where we redraft a scanned digital blueprint to provide the RMS numbers you need. This can save you money on our regular RMS measurement rates. Note that while incredibly reliable, off-site RMS measurements are not insurable or guaranteed.

House under blue sky

And so Much More!

These are just a few of our many services that Realtors are using to stay competitive and to sell homes, no matter how the real estate market is faring. In addition to Realtors, our services are used by property managers, individuals, contractors, developers and more.


We invite you to view our full list of services at and contact us today to see how we can help you and your listings excel.

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