What is Virtual Staging


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What is Virtual Staging?

When realtors have vacant properties, one of the common marketing strategies is to hire a home stager. These staging professionals fill empty spaces with trendy furniture and classic décor to make the home appear ‘lived in,’ helping buyers understand the space. With this method, however, real estate professionals are left with a hefty bill. Instead of spending excess on staging costs, it is now possible to fill a home with just the snap of our fingers. Urban Measure’s virtual staging services offer an innovative and cost-effective solution to home staging. Take a look at what this unique real estate service is and how it can improve your home-selling experience (and profit).


Why is Staging Needed?

Staging a home is highly recommended when selling a vacant property, particularly when showcasing the home online. Home staging is used to assist potential buyers in visualizing themselves in the space and to offer a better perspective of how the home could look when furnished. Vacant property listings that do not utilize home staging are less likely to inspire interest and are commonly passed over in searches. It is for this reason that the top real estate professionals use staging to sell their home listings faster.


What is Virtual Staging?

Traditional home staging requires the transportation of furniture and other home décor along with the cost of labour and the risk of damage to the home. Virtual staging, on the other hand, is all done digitally with no risk or high price tag involved. Using 3D virtual staging software, designers are able to create, customize, and re-size every household item to fit seamlessly into the existing room for show-stopping (and search clicking) results.


Virtual Staging Before  Virtual Staging After








In addition to high definition photos of the space, the only other requirement is accurate measurements of the home. Once these are attained, virtual stagers can digitally design the room using stunning custom inclusions that would not otherwise be provided by a physical staging session. Does your vacant home have odd corners or distinctive features? Virtual staging will create the perfect “piece” tailored for the space and show off those features to truly capture the true aesthetic appeal of your listing.


Why is Virtual Staging Better?

When staging a home with physical furniture, accessories, and décor, these items are often pre-selected from the stager’s warehouse. The home stager then works as best as they can with their limited inventory and tries to match each item to the current size and shape of the rooms. They can add the basics (couches, television, tables, etc.) but are unable to add more permanent fixtures to the home (such as kitchen islands, lighting fixtures, etc.). Virtual staging, though, has no limitations and can be used to stage a room with the basics and beyond.

Virtual Staging Example 2Virtual Staging Example 1








Virtual staging is a cost-effective solution that decorates and designs a home, saving real estate professionals time and money. Where many realtors will spend thousands on hiring a home stager, virtual staging eliminates the need for transportation, furniture rental, and the manual labor costs necessary to fill a home’s interior.



If you are looking to fill your vacant property with design elements that will help it sell fast, let Urban Measure do the “heavy lifting” and create a digitally appealing space for you to showcase to buyers online. Contact us to book your appointment for virtual staging and see how we can fill a home without moving a muscle.


Want to learn how 3D virtual staging will help you sell your home? Here’s your answer!

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